On this part of the website you will learn more about our services.

Brokerage house Eurohaus AD, has permit to perform the following types of services in securities:

– Purchase and sale of securities by order and for the account of the client
– Listing of the official market
– Investment advice

Eurohaus allows quick and simple to buy or sell stocks or bonds. Authorized brokers have been trained for professional and dynamic answers of your needs.

Necessary documents for signing a Contract for intermediation:

– ID or passport
– Bank Account
– Current state of the Central Registry
– ID of the authorized person
– Decision on trading securities
– Bank account of the legal entity (company)
Note: All documents from Non-residents clients must be notarized.

How to buy / sell shares or bonds?

Conclude Contract for intermediation (the documents)
– Performs payment is made on the client account Eurohaus (with purchase)
– Signed an order to buy / sell relevant securities
– Funds from the sale transfer them to your bank account
– For each transaction of shares / bonds receive a report of sale

When buying: When buying: Advance payment is made the necessary funds to purchase the securities commissions including the customer’s account at the National Bank of Macedonia 100-0000000715-43 order of payment “for buying h.v client no. ____ “.
Money order (sample)

When selling: the value of the securities sold, reflects the amount needed for the provision (stock exchange, depository, brokerage) and the payment of the net value of your bank account on the third business day following the date of conclusion of the transaction (T + 3).