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Eurohaus ad Skopje – Annual market share on Macedonian Stock Exchange per years

EUROHAUS AD SKOPJE from its establishment in 2008 constant imposes a reliable and recognized partner of domestic and foreign investors in the Macedonian capital market, and also each year increases its market share in continuous trading on Macedonian Stock Exchange.

The efforts of management and employees in Eurohaus AD, their professionalism and commitment to customers contributed Eurohaus AD to become a recognizable brand and market leader in Macedonian capital market.

Learn more about our services!

Brokerage house Eurohaus AD, has permit to perform the following types of services in securities:

  • Buying and selling securities by order and for the account of the Client

    When buying conclude contracts, perform the payments and sign a purchase order. In sales, reflects the amount needed for the fees and the payment of the net value..

  • Listing of the official market

    Method of entry securities market according to criteria of the Stock Exchange and obligation for regular publication of price-sensitive information and data to the public..

  • Investment advice

    Team Eurohaus offers expert investment advice in which you will get expert opinions and projections potential for your investment..